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    1. Children's Programs

      100 Mile House Branch

      Quesnel Branch

      Williams Lake Branch


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      BC Libraries To Go Link
      E-books and e-audiobooks

      E-books and interactive material for children


      outlook online

      Search BC Public and Academic Libraries



      Digital talking books for people with print disabilities are available from NNELS. This library is participating! Log in with your library card number and password.



      Latest COVID 19 update from Cariboo Regional District Library

      Message to Williams Lake Branch customers:

      If you received an email on September 3, 2020 stating the library is closed to the public due to COVID-19, that was in error. Please be advised that the Williams Lake Branch is very much OPEN! We re-opened on August 25 and are still open with admended hours. The email is right about one thing though -- your due dates have been extended so no overdue fines will be charged on items you currently have checked out. Thank you.

      Click here for more COVID-19 information from the BC Centre for Disease Control

      New Databases Added:

      eAudio and eBooks


      BC Lib2Go

      Online Courses


      Video on Demand

      DIY Auto Repair








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